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Catching Fire, Mocking Jay & Beautiful Darkness ...Still Hungry For More? 

Posted by L.A. Matthies Wednesday, February 27, 2013 7:03:00 PM Categories: Just an Idea/rant
Once I had finished "The Hunger Games", there was no other option than to finish the series. "Catching Fire", book two, was far and away my favorite! It may not have had the shock effect of book one, but it had a believable aftermath coupled with... read more

Awesome Book Giveaways!!!! 

Posted by L.A. Matthies Sunday, February 24, 2013 9:26:00 AM Categories: Just an Idea/rant writing the book
I just thought I'd share some terrific giveaways with you that you may not be aware of. These are always fun and you may just win something in the process. http://www.authorbuzz.com/dearreader/  Dear Reader is always great, they introduce new... read more

Beautiful Creatures , City of Ashes or The Hunger Games? 

Posted by L.A. Matthies Sunday, February 03, 2013 1:02:00 PM Categories: Just an Idea/rant
Books are written to be devoured, at least that's how I feel, and never more so than since I've written my own! I wouldn't want to be caught dead in the movie theater with my teenager at a premier of one of these cool stories without having read it. ... read more