Another Stroll Through Stepford ...PANDEMONIUM!

When we left off in "DELIRIUM" by Lauren Oliver; Lena was running for her life with hottie boyfriend Alex! As the couple was in the midst of their courageous getaway disaster struck and poor Alex was left behind         (possibly even killed)! I just love a little exciting tragedy, but what a cliffhanger.

Book two "PANDEMONIUM" begins with our heroine desperately trying to survive in a wilderness she has no ability to cope with, sadly, Alex was the one who was supposed to help her out here. What is a frightened, half starved girl to do? Well, I'm not telling, you'll enjoy it much more on your own. I will say that I loved the alternating chapters from Then to Now allowing the story to be told between the past and present. This was a very effective way to keep up the suspense while giving helpful information ...really engaging!

I also thought the introduction of new characters was well done. My favorite was Julian, who annoyed me at first with his elitism. As the story went on his character developed so nicely that by the end I found him to be a wonderful transformation. in addition, I thought Raven and Tack were clever additions to the mix. Raven is the leader of the small band of rebels and Lena finds herself struggling to adapt to their way of life. Sometimes I didn't know whether to love Raven or hate her, either way she invokes a very strong emotional response.

There was quite a bit of darkness in this sequel, so if your looking for ponies and rainbows leave this one off your summer booklist. In fact there was one character that met their end in a scene that was so devastatingly sad I had to stop to get a box of tissues.

Once again, strong emotional response equalls great storytelling in my book!

Posted by L.A. Matthies Wednesday, July 17, 2013 8:52:00 PM Categories: Just an Idea/rant
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