Enjoyable Sunning-by-the-pool fare!

Dream by Robbi Bryant

Reviewed for The Masquerade Crew:
I'd like to begin by emphasizing just how lovely the cover of this Novella is. Before I had even opened to page one I was intrigued by the gorgeous artwork and found myself examining it for all the little hidden details. I'd have missed out on this delightful peek into the story had I read on my kindle vs the actual book.

What I especially enjoyed about this story was the easy sunning-yourself-by-the-pool convenience of this brief interlude. Sometimes we'd all like to escape from our own realities, but frankly don't have a great deal of time to invest in a whole world of characters. That is when the Novella can be the perfect cure. Dream was like a scrumptious dessert after a lean cuisine dinner ...well worth giving up the calories for.

I found all the characters to be fun and engaging, although Devon was quite the heartthrob! I'd like to try some of this dream otherworldliness! Veronica came across as a believable hairstylist, Joe was the manly, lunkhead husband, also well depicted. Andrew, not so obvious at first, was the poor schlep you end up feeling sorry for. I don't want to give too much away, as I said it is a quick read, just thought I'd like to share this tasty treat!

My only complaint, I wish Andrew could have evolved into more. He was clever, artistic and imaginative. It was too bad he ended the book seeming to have not much to look forward to.

All in all, a very satisfying afternoon!
Posted by L.A. Matthies Monday, June 17, 2013 9:45:00 PM Categories: Just an Idea/rant
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