Hand Of Chaos by J. Hamlet

Reviewed for The Masquerade Crew:

Hand Of Chaos by J.Hamlet is a cool Fantasy/Supernatural thriller that will appeal to those with a lust for action.

What I loved: The vast array of characters are creative and well written. The lead, Anna Wei, is tough and gritty - someone well worth her salt. She possesses arcane powers, fascinating to become involved with if you are unfamiliar, and isn't afraid to use them! I'm not usually a big fan of lead female characters, but in Anna's case I'm happy to make an exception.

The rest of the cast is equally enthralling. Some of my personal fav's are Roy, Anna's partner in the "secret government agency" which deals with various untold supernatural threats, Ethan, a necromancer and resident bad guy, and Plague, a demon from Hell(Literally)  who's sponsoring Ethan. I especially enjoyed Ayham, a Dhampir or half-vampire and well practiced wizard. 

The tale flowed nicely and integrated the various mystique's relatively easily, however, I will caution parents that they may want to read first before signing off on the content for younger teens.

What I didn't love: Unfortunately, I think the cover art does absolutely nothing to draw anyone to read what's inside. Also, there are some rather graphic scenes that may be inappropriate for younger readers and the cover seems to be in conflict geering for exactly that age group. I am a big fan of cover design and the content of this story leaves many intriguing options, It's definitely worthy of a redo.
This is a terrific piece of fiction for late teens and up, it should be marketed that way instead of being imprecise.

All in all, Hand Of Chaos should appeal to all Fantasy action fans and Supernatural thrill seekers alike. Be aware of some graphic adult content if there are younger readers in your house, but most of all buckle in and enjoy the ride. 

FYI : I'd like to apologize for my delay in posting this review, my computer met with an untimely demise which forced replacement.

Posted by L.A. Matthies Tuesday, March 18, 2014 4:09:00 PM
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