In The Wake of Sandy!

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, quite possibly the worst natural disaster Northeast America has seen in my lifetime, I'd like to convey my heartfelt prayers to all those in crisis. While my family and I still do not have heat or power, we realize how truly fortunate we are that our home is still standing.

Tensions run high during times like these when we wait up to six hours on a line at the gas station, hoping that they don't close just before we reach the pumps. Try your best to show some extra kindness to whomever you may encounter, you just don't know what they are going through.

I feel lucky to have a neighbor with a gas stove who offers to feed my kids a hot meal and who gives me a hot thermos full of coffee so I can start my day! Not to mention friends who had power and invited my family to eat,drink and take a piping hot shower when needed! Thank you so much!!!

I hope this blog finds you safe and sound, with heat, electric and above all your good health!!

Posted by L.A. Matthies Sunday, November 04, 2012 5:36:00 PM Categories: about LA Matthies Just an Idea/rant
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Tuesday, September 02, 2014 12:49:41 PM

Ya learn something n

Ya learn something new everyday. It's true I guess!
Saturday, August 30, 2014 11:22:37 AM

So that's the case?

So that's the case? Quite a revelation that is.
Saturday, August 16, 2014 4:58:07 PM

Oddly, I found that

Oddly, I found that when I hit a plateau braenikg the diet for a day got me unstuck. It was like telling my body that the famine was over. Seemed like I needed to do it about once every 4 to 6 weeks. The nexy day I'd have dropped 4 lbs.
Monday, July 07, 2014 7:50:32 PM

JonDavey, are you mo

JonDavey, are you moving on to atohner aspect of life and away from creating these talkey blogs? This one was created on Oct.4, which is almost a week ago. You used to make a new talkey blog every day, almost. I am confused by what is happening on this blog site the quality of the blogs has been decreasing quite a bit, and the frequency has been decreasing. I could understand if the frequency was decreasing in order to give you more time to create higher-quality blogs. But that's not the case.I'm just really confused about the direction of this blog site.
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