Wake Up In A Strange Place ...FOREIGN IDENTITY!

Reviewed for Masquerade Crew:
I'm giving this one a 3.9 for it's wonderful originality and creativity! Looking back, I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but this story does fit the bill for bizarre intrigue.

What I loved was that Kel & Jax are very thought provoking characters for about 3/4 of the novel. They are not only placed in dire circumstances together, they have no memory of their past or each other! This, in my opinion, was a brilliant way to begin the story. With every discovery being a fresh, new experience for the characters, Becca Campbell does a terrific job drawing us in to become personally involved. I imagined myself a few times trying to determine if I would be able to trust a complete stranger with my life/safety. Strangely, the "no Memory" angle made both Jax and Kel all the more appealing. The best part was not being sure which direction the story would ultimately take ...I love suspense!

There were also a few non-human elements/characters that enhanced the narration by virtue of their uniqueness! So if you are looking for something a little off the beaten path "Foreign Identity" fits the bill nicely!

What I wasn't crazy about: In a nutshell, Miranda and Noah. I found them to be so lackluster and ordinary that I almost couldn't believe that the same author wrote these characters. Maybe I just found them too disruptive to the excellent pace of the story prior to their arrival, or maybe they just didn't have enough depth for me to care about them! Either way, I think there was such a beautiful foundation written that the mediocrity of these two people was a hinderance for me to enjoy the conclusion.

All in all, I enjoyed the story with all it's puzzle solving opportunities! If you are a person who likes the challenge of putting all the pieces together then you'll have a good time withJax & Kel as they use their wits during this journey!

Posted by L.A. Matthies Saturday, August 03, 2013 4:59:00 PM Categories: Just an Idea/rant
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