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Will Love be the Death of You?...DELIRIUM

Posted by L.A. Matthies Wednesday, March 27, 2013 1:32:00 PM Categories: Just an Idea/rant
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This is quite the question, can love actually kill you? In "Delirium",  Lauren Oliver creates a world where love is the deadliest of diseases and the only cure, surgery to cure the affliction ...ouch!!

In Lena's world everyone has the surgery at eighteen, well if we're being honest they have no choice, they are all raised to believe that this procedure will save them. Lena is orphaned and raised by her aunt and uncle, trust me stepford's got nothing over them, she's been told that the disease runs in her family. Her poor mother was so badly afflicted that she was driven to commit suicide when Lena was six.

All that she has ever known or been taught has Lena chomping at the bit to get "cured" , that is until she meets Alex and her life is turned unside down. I have to say this book is very innovative and packed with interesting characters. I found Lena to be very believable and pleasantly not as indecisive and whiny as most of the heroines I've come across recently, and for someone who is not physically imposing she sure packs a powerful emotional punch.

There is just enough action to keep the story moving along nicely. My only frustration is with the ending, however this only leads me to emphasize that I had an emotional involvement. My feeling is that when the author invokes a strong emotional response from the reader, one way or another, it's just plain good storytelling!!!

I'm looking forward to book two ...Happy Reading!



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